Corporate Identity for branding consultancy


The client wanted an identity that displayed their philosophy of branding design that was de-mystified and involved engaging their clients as partners in their efforts versus the traditional "black box" method. Extensive interviews with the executive team were performed to clarify each person's perspective of what the identity needed to communicate. Stakeholders were then asked to perform a series of exercises as a group and individually to collage imagery, diagrams and written material to describe what they do, how they do it, and what the results are. This led to a final set of written and visual descriptions that became the seed for the design of the logo and identity system.

Branuity's logo represented the firm's emphasis on client collaboration through its two intersecting half circles. The analog nature of the brush stroke and the modern typeface showed hybridization and adaptability; an emphasis in the firm's philosophy that strategy should be adaptive to a constantly changing business environment.