Treilla Wine Connoisseur App  


Proof of concept design for a wine related mobile app designed to connect consumers and
retailers with wholesalers and industry experts to sell wine. It uses social media interactions to help buyers become more knowledgeable and sellers to become beter acquainted with their customers. The initial design focus for the app is the wine industry with a long term intent to use it for other luxury lifestyle markets.

The Visual and UX design of the app must be versatile enough to ofer diferent views of the
same data sets for diferent types of users:

  1. Wine Producers;
  2. Wholesalers/distributors;
  3. Retailers;
  4. General public.

The browsing and pushed content sections is to be highly visual to make scanning through
new and featured products easily without having to read a lot until the user commits to drill down into in-depth content on a product. The UX behaviors should map to real-life habits as much as possible in regards to how buyers, choose, purchase, taste and evaluate wines and whether to keep them as part of a collection for future purchases or use.