California AAA Quote Capture Micro Site


The redesign of the California AAA Quote Capture Page (QCP). The current landing page
brings users into a microsite to let visitors view CAAAA’s oferings that go beyond car
insurance to include other types of insurances (home, rental, and travel related services.)

The intent of the UX redesign is to move the QCP away from the traditional web page into something that behaves more like a mobile app. The display of content had three main goals:

  • To tell stories through vignettes of AAA’s history and heritage to a target market that is higher end and has different buying behaviors than discount insurance firms like GEICO, esurance and Nationwide in order to sell a broader variety of services beyond auto insurance.
  • Create a UX that keeps presentation of content feeling like it is an app though it is at this stage still a microsite.
  • To always maintain the three calls to action to the next step in the purchasing process of a) Setting up a call for an agent to contact them; b) Using the automated quote engine; c) Using the toll free 800 number.