Wexercise Wearable Product Concept


Wexercise is a highly stylised, wearable consumer electronics device that easily monitors a person's physical output while playing with the Nintendo Wii. The device interacts together with the Wii and the Internet. 

The challenge was to design a product a wrist-top product similar to a watch for children to wear that measures and displays heart rate and other activity information while playing with the Wii. The device interfaces with the Nintendo Wii to upload data to the Wexercise.com website for additional fun activities. 

A wide exploration of directions was performed to find a look that is attractive to the target markets (6-11 years and 12-16 years old) while complying with Nintendo's existing form language for the Wii. Physical and engineering package was based on existing components expected to be used in the final product. Key form and aesthetic emphasis of the product was how its look and ease of function related to user experience of the Wexercise.com website.